Monday, September 1, 2008

Adult Disney Trip

Our family has annual passes to Disneyland and I have always wanted to go just the 2 of us, Todd and I. So, Todd had a small business meeting in Anaheim and we decided to make a 2 day, 1 night couple trip out of it. Off to Disneyland/California Adventure we went! We had a great time going on all the roller coasters, strolling in the parks quietly and casually, taking breaks at Downtown Disney for a quick bite and/or drink, browsing the fun stores that are scattered throughout the parks, was nice. Although, I must say, by the end of the trip, I was excited to go w/ the kids again. For the true Disney experience, kids make it. Below is a picture I couldn't pass up, when I saw Mr. Incredible walking in California Adventure, I dragged Todd (my Mr. Incredible) and had to take this shot! I love it. Then, when dressing to go to Disneyland, I had no idea I was in Minnie Mouse colors, had to go into a store and take a picture w/ the ears to make the outfit!


Jerald said...

You make a WONDERFUL Minnie Mouse! But still a better Wonder Woman!


jeremie said...

I couldn't resist saying hello. Awesome family and your a soccer mom! I hope all is well.

Your Barca friend,