Friday, September 19, 2008

My mornings...

So walking our of my bedroom this morning I see my little man sitting just so on the ottoman, watching his favorite, Sesame Street. It was so cute just to see him perfectly placed there w/ his sippie cup so intrigued w/ Elmo and friends! I see this every morning, but I took time to capture this sweet sight...

I carefully took a picture from the side to see his sweet face...

Uh caught, he gave me a quick stare down, then quickly returned to his TV watching!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big First Week of September

Well, just like I titled this post...big and busy first week of September.
It all started on September 2nd when Ben started back to Montessori Center School...he is the oldest in his class now, a 3rd year student in Silver Door. This is a really big deal when you have been w/ the same teacher and many of the same students every year. And of course an even bigger deal to be introduced to all the younger kids as a "third year" student! Ben got to pick out 3 new outfits for school, and he chose his Power Ranger shirt...of course, w/ his Transformer lunch box for his first day.

After his first day, Todd picked him up and they went downtown to pick out a new toy with his birthday money from great-grandma (Nanny). The farmer's market happened to be going on, he had left over money after his toy, and decided to use the rest of his money buying his mom a big bouquet of flowers! So into the house walks Ben, Todd, a new batman remote control car and a bunch of roses! I was very surprised and thrilled that my little boy would think of using his precious toy money on me! That made my week for sure!

Then we had the opening football night with our family's team...New York Giants! The boys got on their Giants t-shirts that they so proudly wore the night of the Super Bowl 7 months ago (Nick sleeping at time of picture...he has a shirt too), and we had another family over and watched the game. The men watched the game, the moms talked, and Ben and Jack dressed up in all of Ben's different costumes...a fun night for everyone!

Soccer is now in our lives. Ben had soccer practice Friday night, then onto his first game on Saturday. His team is called the Ice Breakers and he is #9. Todd has volunteered to be a referee, and I am the Team Mom...we are diving right into these little responsibilities! Well, at the age group Ben is in, they do not "officially" keep score. Of course, we are keeping score in our minds...and our team won 6-1. I am happy to say, my Ben made 5 of the 6...I think I got a little soccer player on my hands! Since Todd is refereeing, he can't yell and cheer for Ben, Todd just had a huge smile on his face w/ every goal and gave me lots of winks. Of course I made up for Todd's cheering, just like I thought, my natural reaction is a totally giddy soccer mom hoot'in and holler'in for my boy. He did great!

Off to another busy week...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Big Nick

This boy of ours, Nicholas Haws Malesky, was born March 20, 2007. He is almost 18 months and weighs a good 35 pounds. My baby is a total little boy! He keeps all of us on our toes, from getting into everything possible, still sticking everything in his mouth, won't sit still for more than 5 seconds, and his most famous Terodactyle scream. It is the most obnoxious sound ever, whether he wants something, his big brother is teasing him, or he is just plain bored and loves to belt it out...the scream literally cracks windows. But what can we say, we love this big blue-eyed boy to pieces...
Below is a classic Nick face...Mr. Trouble...

Below Nick is loving on his new baby cousin, Lila...he loves babies!

Ben's 5th Birthday Party

My boy is 5! August 11th, 2003, the day my world changed, of course for the better. 5 years later and this little man continues to amaze me everyday. This year we threw a BIG Transformer themed party for him at My Gym. This is the first big party he has been allowed to have w/ a bunch of friends...the rule that I have placed for my children..first big bash at 5. He had 25 of his classmates celebrate w/ him. The first present he opened was from his Aunt Susie, who loves to buy him, BumbleBee Transformer was his outfit to the party.

The party continued at our house later in the day where we had some family and a few friends over for more celebration. Notice, he is wearing ANOTHER costume, Blue Power Ranger, that he received at the birthday party.

Then, days later the party continued when some friends of ours who couldn't make that big day showed up w/ more goodies. They spoiled him w/ a mini cake topped off w/ a big #5 candle, then the Optimus Prime Transformer costume with the big helmet that when you talk you sound like Optimus Prime! Too cool!

I think this kid will have about 5 costume changes throughout the evening of Halloween!

Adult Disney Trip

Our family has annual passes to Disneyland and I have always wanted to go just the 2 of us, Todd and I. So, Todd had a small business meeting in Anaheim and we decided to make a 2 day, 1 night couple trip out of it. Off to Disneyland/California Adventure we went! We had a great time going on all the roller coasters, strolling in the parks quietly and casually, taking breaks at Downtown Disney for a quick bite and/or drink, browsing the fun stores that are scattered throughout the parks, was nice. Although, I must say, by the end of the trip, I was excited to go w/ the kids again. For the true Disney experience, kids make it. Below is a picture I couldn't pass up, when I saw Mr. Incredible walking in California Adventure, I dragged Todd (my Mr. Incredible) and had to take this shot! I love it. Then, when dressing to go to Disneyland, I had no idea I was in Minnie Mouse colors, had to go into a store and take a picture w/ the ears to make the outfit!