Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

This year the Haws Family decided to do Christmas in Puerto and dad flew in from Costa Rica, then there was Grant, Tyler and his family (Jayna, Grace, Caroline, and Lila), and Susie flew in w/ the Malesky crew. We missed our sister Kate and her kids, but understandably she stayed behind to have her first Christmas w/ her new husband Jon and his family.

Without getting into details, the Maleskys and Susie had a tough start...we missed our plane from LA to Puerto Vallarta and LUCKY to catch a plane out the next day...and I'll leave it at that. Once we got there, it was absolutely amazing. We all stayed at an amazing home on the hillside, minutes from downtown and the beach. The view was breathtaking, and at that time of the year the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky for the entire visit and 85 degrees.

Our days consisted of RELAXING at the pool, trips into downtown shopping, spa days were we had people come to the home and give us massages, mani/pedis, facials, etc, boys played golf, ping-pong, read lots of magazines and books, played games...

One of the most memorable days I have ever had was swimming w/ the dolphins! Ben and Grace did their own class w/ kids their age...

Then Tyler took Caroline and I took Nick to another class...

And then Susie, Grant, Todd, Jayna, Tyler and I did our own class...and we actually rode on the dolphin around a huge was amazing!

On Christmas day us kids decided to put together a Christmas program for mom and dad. We acted out the Nativity scene and sang Christmas carols...followed by a wonderful Christmas dinner prepared by our chefs in our house.

Another fun night was Jayna's birthday. Mom had arranged for Mariachi trio to come, got a beautiful cake, flower arrangement, dinner prepared by our chefs...we were serenaded the entire meal and started the festivities w/ lots and lots of dancing!

It was an amazing vacation and Christmas...just like every year! Thanks Mom and Dad for another wonderful family vacation and look forward many more!