Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My turn...

Ok...so my sweet sister in law Jayna has hopefully got me on the right track. Exactly one year ago we were in Boise visiting, she got me all set up w/ a blog account, she typed my first posting, and that was that! The whole blog thing seemed so intense...but I have been following Tyler and Jayna's this past year and have seen how great it is to journal a couple minutes a day, mainly for my boys to be reminded of their childhood. Now, this trip to Boise, Jayna reminded me of my user name and password (I couldn't even remember that), she uploaded some photos and entered in my 2nd blog post. I have got to pick it up from there, no excuses now!
Unfortunately, nothing exciting to report...but attached a cute photo of my boys over the Fiesta week in Santa Barbara...Viva La Fiesta!


jayna said...

Yeah Ann! If you need any help, just ask! I put my and my sis on your list- you can just delete it when you are signed in if you don't want to make you blog public. If you do, or if you want other friends and fam to know about it, you should send out an email letting them know you're updating it and what the address is so people (like Joan) can bookmark it! Just a thought!

Malesky Family said...

Man do I have major questions...home all day today so if you get a chance...call me!
Thanks Jayna~