Monday, September 1, 2008

Ben's 5th Birthday Party

My boy is 5! August 11th, 2003, the day my world changed, of course for the better. 5 years later and this little man continues to amaze me everyday. This year we threw a BIG Transformer themed party for him at My Gym. This is the first big party he has been allowed to have w/ a bunch of friends...the rule that I have placed for my children..first big bash at 5. He had 25 of his classmates celebrate w/ him. The first present he opened was from his Aunt Susie, who loves to buy him, BumbleBee Transformer was his outfit to the party.

The party continued at our house later in the day where we had some family and a few friends over for more celebration. Notice, he is wearing ANOTHER costume, Blue Power Ranger, that he received at the birthday party.

Then, days later the party continued when some friends of ours who couldn't make that big day showed up w/ more goodies. They spoiled him w/ a mini cake topped off w/ a big #5 candle, then the Optimus Prime Transformer costume with the big helmet that when you talk you sound like Optimus Prime! Too cool!

I think this kid will have about 5 costume changes throughout the evening of Halloween!

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Joel said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how much Ben has grown from when I last saw you all in 2004! Those photos are too funny; that cupcake couldn't be more blue.

Thanks for the link to your blog. It was great to catch a quick review on you guys. Keep those posts comin'!

Much love,