Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big First Week of September

Well, just like I titled this post...big and busy first week of September.
It all started on September 2nd when Ben started back to Montessori Center School...he is the oldest in his class now, a 3rd year student in Silver Door. This is a really big deal when you have been w/ the same teacher and many of the same students every year. And of course an even bigger deal to be introduced to all the younger kids as a "third year" student! Ben got to pick out 3 new outfits for school, and he chose his Power Ranger shirt...of course, w/ his Transformer lunch box for his first day.

After his first day, Todd picked him up and they went downtown to pick out a new toy with his birthday money from great-grandma (Nanny). The farmer's market happened to be going on, he had left over money after his toy, and decided to use the rest of his money buying his mom a big bouquet of flowers! So into the house walks Ben, Todd, a new batman remote control car and a bunch of roses! I was very surprised and thrilled that my little boy would think of using his precious toy money on me! That made my week for sure!

Then we had the opening football night with our family's team...New York Giants! The boys got on their Giants t-shirts that they so proudly wore the night of the Super Bowl 7 months ago (Nick sleeping at time of picture...he has a shirt too), and we had another family over and watched the game. The men watched the game, the moms talked, and Ben and Jack dressed up in all of Ben's different costumes...a fun night for everyone!

Soccer is now in our lives. Ben had soccer practice Friday night, then onto his first game on Saturday. His team is called the Ice Breakers and he is #9. Todd has volunteered to be a referee, and I am the Team Mom...we are diving right into these little responsibilities! Well, at the age group Ben is in, they do not "officially" keep score. Of course, we are keeping score in our minds...and our team won 6-1. I am happy to say, my Ben made 5 of the 6...I think I got a little soccer player on my hands! Since Todd is refereeing, he can't yell and cheer for Ben, Todd just had a huge smile on his face w/ every goal and gave me lots of winks. Of course I made up for Todd's cheering, just like I thought, my natural reaction is a totally giddy soccer mom hoot'in and holler'in for my boy. He did great!

Off to another busy week...


jayna said...

OH my gosh- I can picture it! You guys were MADE to be the best sports family around! Soccer Mom Extraordinaire! And of course Ben is ALL athlete..I still remember that he was the only toddler I've ever come across that I was afraid to play catch with--he threw it hard, and right back at you!

And how cute about the flowers..something very sweet about Mama's boys, alas with all my Daddy's girls!

Jerald said...

Why am I not surprised that you are a hootin' and hollerin' soccer mom!!!! Keep it up!

Grant Haws said...

Wow! 5 out 6 goals. Ben dominates in soccer. He may have a chance to be as good as I was ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Its Michele And Tommy Lincoln! Happy Holidays! We're trying to get a hold of you to see if you received the Children's Christmas gifts via Todd's Email. Luv ya! Miss ya!