Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ben's 6th Birthday

After counting down the days until August 11th, it FINALLY arrived. Ben woke up to a plate of Eller's Donuts (YUM!)...he may not look too excited, but he was really happy. Ben is not a morning person.

Later that afternoon, he was allowed to invite 6 friends to his "6th" birthday party. We all went to Zodo's (a local bowling/arcade center) and had a blast.

He invited his friends from Montessori...(from left clockwise): Gavin, Cole, Andreas, Fabian, Jack, Ben and Sebastian.

A lot of family showed up...Grandma Denise, Uncle Justin, Uncle Conner, Michelle, Aunt Susie, and the Gibson family. Below, Uncle Justin helping w/ Nick.

Birthday Cupcake Cake...Ben requested a soccer ball...

Happy Birthday Ben...let the countdown begin for #7...uggg!


jayna said...

Cannot understand how these babies have become 6!!! Happy Birthday Ben- you are a terrific kid!! We love you!

Jerald said...

Annie, you might want to consider The Bible when you contemplate Ben's 7th birthday. As it states in Genesis, on the 7th day the Lord rested. Not a bad idea.


Drew Watts said...

Family outings are one of the best ways to celebrate, anything really. We did a treasure hunt for Jason’s last birthday. This year we’re thinking something fun to do with the whole kid squad. We’ve booked one of the best Seattle venues and now all that’s left to do is to plan what we’re going to do.