Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day at SB Natural History Museum

Today we went to a fun breakfast w/ our friends the Taylors, then off to the SB Natural History Museum for the BugFest. We got to hold...OK, maybe just creepy crawly creatures. And creepy they were...hissing cockroaches, vinegaroons (crazy bug that shoots vingear out it's joke!), stick bugs, HUGE centipedes, millipedes...and many others I don't know how to say~
Then they had lobsters, crabs, hermit crabs...all different sizes and ages. Very fun. My favorite part, the peaceful butterfly atrium. Here is a picture in the butterfly alive exhibit w/ me and the boys (both w/ fresh haircuts they got yesterday)...

It was a fun Saturday morning/afternoon. Of course, we just woke up from a BIG nap!


Jerald said...

Oh, how I would love to stroke my hand over Ben's freshly cut hair!


jayna said...

Love your mom's comment- it's so true! Your boys have the most fabulous hair any way it comes!

So sad about the fair this year- hopefully next year we'll have the house to host everyone and make it a great big deal.

Great job on all the posts! xoxoxo