Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to Sonoma

In February we had a wonderful trip to visit our dear friends, Clay and Tali Fritz and their 2 children, Cannon and Bianca. We spent Presidents weekend w/ them which happened to fall over Valentines Day as well. We had an AMAZING time w/ them at their Country Club for Valentines Day dinner while the kids were downstairs being watched and having a great time themselves.

Ben and Cannon are only 5 months apart and they have been great friends...still clowning around!

The whole Malesky/Fritz kids crew: Ben, Cannon, Nick and Bianca...

Todd playing w/ the boys...

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Jerald said...

A Valentine's dinner at a country club with hubby and friends sounds marvelous BUT the thing that sounded the best was that while you were upstairs having an amazing time, the kids were downstairs!!!