Sunday, April 25, 2010


Todd was able to bring me along w/ him on a business trip to Austin, TX. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there, so I was happy to be his date. First picture of the happy couple is because Todd finally found a bar to make his perfect "Toddarita"

I'm big smiles because my name graced the most adorable cafe...

And below (you can't see my shocked & offended pose very well...ha ha) but here is a famous motel in the "artsy" part of Austin...obviously famous for it's sign! They had t-shirts and all, but I passed on buying a souvenir...hard to explain to the kids... ha

Loved Austin and can't wait to go back for the company's annual meeting next year!

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Jerald said...

You should have a scrapbook just for the ANNIE SHOPS of the world. EVERY time we travel, far and wide, there is a business with the name of ANNIE. They are always just like you described---adorable!