Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kids Halloween

For the last 3 years we go to our friend's house for trick-o-treating. Their neighborhood goes NUTS for Halloween, almost every house goes all are the boys leaving one house...

Another house...

Our friends always have a pirate theme...this was just one of the MANY cool things they had on their front lawn. The ship even blew smoke!

Below is Ben in outfit number 3. To make a long story short, Ben picked a bleeding skeleton outfit this year. After a test run he found the torso of the outfit was very uncomfortable, so he wore his race car outfit underneath...just in case. We got the fake blood pump working on his skeleton outfit, starting walking for t-o-ting, and he kept stepping on the long cape. So, we took off his skeleton costume and felt very lucky we had his race car outfit underneath. BUT the blood to the skeleton outfit leaked and ended up making a huge wet spot at his crotch! Drama! So off mom went, back to the house, quickly grabbed his Power Ranger costume, and there you have it. The best part is that the fake blood totally stained poor Ben...yes, all over his "you know what" and down his legs. After 2 baths it is almost off!

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Jerald said...

Please post what your friends do for Christmas!