Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ben Starts Orange Door

We are all very excited to start the next adventure in Montessori...Ben graduated from Primary in June and just started the next level...Lower Elementary in September. He was placed in Orange Door w/ Rick...this was our first choice and we got it! We love Rick, Todd has known Rick since Todd was a little boy, Todd's sister (and Ben's aunt) Ali, was Rick's assistant teacher for years, so Ben has known him a few years as well. Here is Ben getting to know his new friend in class, Elvis.
We have our first camping trip (yes...WE, the whole family) w/ the class this Tuesday night at El Capitan...stay tuned!


Jerald said...

As much as I enjoyed reading this post, the one I really am looking forward to reading is the post AFTER the camping trip.


Belle said...

This is so weird Annie, I use to interpret for a little deaf girl in orange door with Rick as the teacher, He is wonderful! ALi is great too! Pls tell them both I said HI!!