Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swim Season is Here!

Both Ben and Nick started up their swim lessons for the school year. Ben has been taking private lesson for 2 1/2 years, now he is doing so well I put him in a group lesson..."swim team". The problem is, he loves to swim under water and not work on his strokes!

This is Nick first time actually doing swim lessons. He is in a group w/ 6 other kids. At his age they have a parent go in the water w/ the child. They do lots of fun songs, games, etc. Since Ben and Nick have their swim lessons at the same time for a half hour, Todd went in w/ Nick and I was able to sit and enjoy my boys swim.

Below is a game they play...the child sits on the edge of the pool, the child then dives of the edge to the instructor, gets up on a big foam cushion (little bigger than the size of a crib mattress), then the child walk across to jump to the parent waiting at the other end. Nick flipped out at first, wasn't sure about jumping into the hand of the instructor...

But once he saw the other kids do it, he got right to it and did a great job! Daddy was very happy of his brave boy!


Jerald said...

Was Nick as happy as Todd when he jumped into his dad's arms? My word, Benjamin is such the big boy---I remember his first swimming lesson.

jayna said...

Ann- so cute! I need to get my girls some swimming skills.

Thanks again for the lovely SB vacation!! You guys are truly adored!

Grant Haws said...

I suggest you get Ben out of swimming classes and put him into scuba diving. Its apparent that he prefers the adventure of the deep water over paddling on the surface.